How Do You Get Along With Your New Co-Workers?

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You got the job and that’s great, but that also means working with a whole new set of co-workers as well.  Depending on the type of person you are, you may struggle with communicating and getting along with them.  Here are some helpful ways that can better develop your relationship with your new co-workers.

Ways to Develop a Better Relationship With Your New Co-Workers

  1. Engage in conversation
  2. Offer a helping hand
  3. Listen to them
  4. Respect their seniority or longevity
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  6. Ask them about their lives
  7. Work hard

Engage In Conversation

Don’t expect your new co-workers to run up and talk to you.  You need to make an effort early on to try and engage in conversation with them to show that you are willing to develop a dialogue.

Offer a Helping Hand

If you see they need help with something, do not be afraid to offer a helping hand if you have the free time to do it.  This gesture can show them that you are willing to help them out with anything and it also helps them gain more trust in you as well.

Listen to Them

When you have finally developed a dialogue with them, don’t just let what they say go in one ear and out the other.  Be attentive to what they are saying and make great eye contact while they are speaking.  This not only shows that you are listening, but it also expresses a certain amount of respect that you have for them.

Respect Their Seniority and Longevity

When entering a job, especially a new one, you will most likely have to answer to your superiors and the co-workers that have been around for a long time.  Don’t come into your new job as a hotshot.  You need to take advice and show respect for the people that have been there longer than you have.  By listening to what they have to say, you could pick up some helpful tips and advice that they may have and they may even put in a good word for you that could get you higher up on the company ladder in the future.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Asking questions shows that you have a willingness to learn and also shows that you value your co-worker’s opinions.  Since your new co-workers have been around longer than you, they can provide you with useful information that you may not pick up on until you’ve been there awhile.

Ask Them About Their Lives

To develop any lasting relationship, asking a few personal questions about your work peers’ lives is a great way to get that relationship.  Asking them about if they are married, have any children, or where they are from are all acceptable questions that can further create a lasting relationship.  Don’t be afraid to tell them about yourself as well so they know a little more about you.

Work Hard

There is absolutely nothing your co-workers will respect more than how hard you work.  Don’t take your new job for granted and try to coast the first few months of it.  Really work hard to show your co-workers your work ethic.  That way they know you don’t mess around and want to get things done.

Getting a new job is intimidating enough, but getting along with your co-workers is another feat in itself. You could potentially dread going into your new job if you don’t have a great relationship with them.  As long as you are respectful, and are willing to engage with your co-workers, you can potentially develop a lasting relationship that can help you make your new job more enjoyable, and help you advance through the rankings over time.

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