Are you thinking about quitting

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Is there ever really a good time to say goodbye? We all know how hard it is to walk up to your supervisor and let them know that you are putting in your two-week notice. More times than not your boss will be upset to see you leave, but take that as a compliment. Would you want your place of employment to throw a party because you are finally walking out of the company doors for the last time? Probably not.

Here are a few tips to help make your last two weeks on the job a breeze.

  1. Don’t beat around the bush. Walk right up to your supervisor and let him or her know that you are putting in your two-week notice today. Being firm and getting right to the point will save your boss from trying to make you stay by making you a counteroffer.
  2. Do you have a lot of projects you are currently working on and two weeks just won’t be enough time to see them through? Make sure you draft a plan for your boss and your team that you can leave behind to let them know what has been done and what still needs to be done. This plan will show your team that you still care enough to see them through and that you are not out to leave them hanging.
  3. Don’t wait until the following day to put in your notice. No matter the day that you found out you got the job, make sure to put in your notice. Most people want to wait a few days or even wait until the following week but that isn’t the best idea. You will carry around that burden of telling your boss and your team around with you everywhere, so it is in your best interest to let your supervisor know right away. This will also give your company more time to find your replacement.
  4. You may have witnessed a bad exit in the past, but that shouldn’t keep you from being upfront with your boss. Not everyone is you, and your experience on the job is different than that of your coworkers. If you’ve seen a bad exit in the past that doesn’t mean yours will end up the same way. It’s in your best interest not to burn any bridges but to keep all things formal and professional still so you are still leaving with your integrity. Everyone eventually moves on, so even if it’s not now your boss will eventually understand your departure.

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