Here is what our employers have to say…

“Liberty Casting Company is a medium iron foundry which supplies the energy market with various types of rough iron castings in grey and ductile iron. We have multiple foundries, green sand and no bake facilities; we employ approximately 275 full-time employees and utilize 50-100 temporary employees typically.

Liberty Casting has had a long working relationship with Custom Staffing. Over these years, Custom has been able to provide us the necessary employees to keep our plants running at peak capacity. Custom is our primary vendor at some locations for our temporary labor needs. We selected Custom Staffing over other companies based on Custom’s customer service, competitive pricing, and their ability to meet our staffing needs.

Custom Staffing places temporary employees with us in a variety of positions; these include forklift and bobcat operators, various machine operators, grinders, and administrative positions. Custom does an excellent job of matching people to our job requirements.

I have found the Custom staff to be professional able to conduct business in a friendly and effective manner. The Custom staff has been very creative, extremely flexible, and highly effective in dealing with some difficult staffing requirements and changes in requirements unique to Liberty Casting. They have proven to be honest and trustworthy.
I highly recommend Custom Staff to any company seeking a temporary agency.”

Jessica L. Ulmer-West
Environmental, Safety, and HR Manager

“This letter is to inform any of Custom Staffing potential clients of your team’s exemplary efforts in exceeding MPW’s expectations for the labor support contact that we initiated in April of 2014. Custom Staffing has been able to support the many requested in a timely manner.

MPW will certainly hold Custom Staffing in highest regard for future opportunities and appreciate the support and commitment from the entire Custom Staffing management team that is a result of our continued success at these locations. I would be happy to discuss any of these items in detail with your prospective customers.”

Sincerely yours.
Mr. Duane Jolliff
Senior Account Manager, Honda Locations
MPW Industrial Services

“Woeber Mustard has been utilizing Custom Staffing of Springfield as our staffing source since December 2014. Custom Staffing has been an excellent partner in providing production employees for all three of our shifts. Curt Hunt and his staff have been forward thinking, putting in place the structure necessary to maintain a pool of employees to supply our needs on a daily basis, with orderly processing of the employees into our plant along with the internet-based pay system for these employees.

Katie Wright, the Custom Staffing of Springfield Customer Service Representative, does an excellent job for Woeber’s in furnishing employees with the skill set and attitude we need to maintain our plant’s production. She thoroughly screens and pre-trains the employees prior to their arrival at Woeber so they are ready to go right to the job.

I recommend Custom Staffing to any manufacturing company in the Miami Valley for their staffing, whether as a sole source or as a secondary source to maintain your manpower needs.”


Mark A. Finnegan
Plant Manager

“Always a pleasure working with the staff at the Sidney and Bellefontaine Locations. They always meet and exceed my needs while having great attitudes. Fantastic Group! I use to use 8-10 staffing agencies to meet my needs but Custom Staffing is my go to Staffing Agency and I no longer need 8-10 others I only need 1!”

Tyler White
Director of Employee Development & Training
Everyday Technologies, Inc.

Hear what our employees have to say…

“The staff at Custom Staffing in the Lima and Wapak office are Top Notch! I went in to Custom Staffing looking for a job after searching on my own for months. That same day I received a phone call and I had an interview scheduled. They all worked together flawlessly between the two offices to help me get my job. I am now gainfully employed!! Thank You Custom Staffing”
Debra Ann Allen

“Such a great place to work. The people are always very helpful very knowledgeable about there places of employment. Can always count on them for help and easy to talk to. Will work with you if you have any medical problem and I really enjoy working with the staff members to ensure that my career is started. I would recommend Custom Staffing to all my friends and relatives.”

Shirley M. Block

“Awesome place. Walked in and was helped by Diana and Michelle. They had a bunch of jobs for me and understood what I wanted. Very professional, and provided a welcoming environment. Two thumbs up.”

Lindsey S. Sanchez

“Tasha helped me so much. She got me a job in minutes and helped me with all my paperwork I would recommend custom to anyone!”

Austin Dolby

“Not just a staffing agency, but an agency that cares about your employment needs!”

LaKenya Reynolds

“It was the easiest process I have went though and she explained everything and very nice way and was willing to help out wherever it was needed and I will be referring friends to her.”

Kasia Bartramv

“I’ve been working here since 2005. I met my husband here. Can’t complain!”

Angela Duncan

“Just came to the London office, Tasha was awesome. I had my daughter with me and she was ok with me having her with me. I highly recommend everyone to come here! Also start my new job on Monday.”

Jessica Staton

“Me and my boyfriend got started easily at the London office on the same day and Tasha walked us through everything and made sure we didn’t have any questions and that we completely understood everything. She was very helpful and definitely helped with the taxing section in particular.”

Alexis Stump

“If you are going through a temp service I would highly recommend Custom Staffing. Ladies in the office are always friendly and they have good jobs with good pay.”

Brandie Taylor

“I love Custom Staffing, I got a job right away, love my work and the people I work with. Thank you Custom Staffing.”

Leona Wilkins

“I love Custom Staffing, they allow you to try different jobs.”

Ammie Comer