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Interviews can be stressful, especially if you need the job. As much as we all dread the interview process there are things you can do to pass your interview with flying colors. If you are a good interviewer that will always help your chances of getting the job, but it does not guarantee it.

If you are not an interview pro check out these tips that you can apply to each interview.

Always research the company you are applying to.

Research will always get you bonus points. You will want to know company history, mission, job description, products/services, and leadership team. While you are doing your homework before the big test (interview) make sure to take notes. Taking notes into the interview will help you remember if something gets brought up. You can also jot down questions that you may have for the interviewer. Showing the interviewer that you have done your homework prior to the big day will prove that you are willing to put in the work and that you actually care.

Prepare questions.

Like we stated before, you want to prepare questions to ask in the interview. While you are doing your research or just by glancing the job description you should be able to come up with a handful of questions that are worthy of asking. Yes, you don’t want to ask too many but by being prepared you are showing the interviewer how you approach the job and possible clients. So, if you want to continue breezing through any interview come prepared.

The easy things.

Now that you’ve done all of your research and prepared your questions the hard part is over, and you can focus on the easy things. Being prepared will help calm your nerves, but you will also want to get a good night’s rest so that you look your best. Don’t forget to lay your interview attire out the night before, as well as having your notes in some type of binder or folder. You will want to make sure you have the names of your interviewers if possible written down so that you will not forget. Leave early enough that you are not stressed about arriving to your destination on time. Being at least 10-15 minutes early is the best practice in case your interview starts early, and you’ll have a few minutes to look over your notes while you wait.

Always say thank you.

If you want to pass the test, never forget to say thank you. The interviewer is giving up valuable time to interview you so be sure to thank them before you leave. If you really want to gain an edge over the other candidates, send your interviewer(s) a follow-up thank you letter or email.

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