How to advance your career

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Are you tired of being stuck in the same job? Are you ready to learn new skills? Are you looking to advance your career? Are you ready to make your dreams a reality? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it’s time to decide what you want and set up some action steps to achieve your goal.

How to advance your career:

  • Decide what you want.
  • Set your actions steps.
  • Identify clear benchmarks.

Decide what you want.

Do you know what you are truly looking for? A lot of times we know we want change, but we don’t really know what that change consists of. Are you looking for a promotion, higher pay, or a career in a completely different industry? Whatever that change is, write it down on paper! If you aren’t sure what you want, working with a temp agency is a great way to figure it out.

Set your actions steps.

Now that you know what you want, it’s important to determine the actions steps you need to take to achieve your goals. With no true plan, goals just end up being dreams. It is crucial for you to write down step-by-step instructions for yourself, so you can see on paper what you need to do. Do you need to go back to school? Do you need to do training on your own time or side work to practice your trade? Whatever it is that needs to be done, it is important that you take action to make your dreams a reality.

Identify clear benchmarks.

How will you know once you’ve “made it?” At the end of your checklist, what will you have accomplished? Crossing things off of your list and receiving that new certification or degree will show that you are one step closer to the promotion or raise you’ve been working towards. Once all of your actions steps are completed, your dreams will become reality.

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