Essential Communication Skills for the Workplace

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Knowing how to properly communicate in the workplace is an invaluable skill that most don’t possess. Our day-to-day jobs require communication with team members and customers depending on the job role. Whether you believe you are a great communicator or not this skill is something that can be worked on. To help you communicate better in the workplace we have put together a list of helpful tips to assist you!

Essential Communication Skills for the Workplace

  1. Know who you are talking to you
  2. Prepare your conversation
  3. Sometimes it’s best to get to the point
  4. Don’t fear rejection

Know who you are talking to you

Depending on the situation at hand you will be talking to a team member or potential customer. This may be your first time talking to this individual or the tenth, but remember that we all receive information differently. Some individuals respond to numbers, stories, or images. When you know your audience, you are better prepared to deliver them the right information the first time.

Prepare your conversation

Do you have something you are trying to get across to a specific team member, customer, or manager? Before the conversation, it will be in your best interest to get prepared. Knowing what this individual will need from you will help you better prepare for the conversation at hand. When you help the other party achieve their goals and needs you are prepared and ready to close the deal.

Sometimes it’s best to get to the point

If time is an issue, it may be best to get straight to the point. Stay focused on the facts and remove filler words from your conversations that just take up space and waste time. If you are trying to close a sale or make a work decision with a coworker time will not always be on your side.

Don’t fear rejection

The fear of rejection can cripple many individuals and stop them from ever expressing their needs in the workplace. In order to close the sale, communicate a problem, or ask for help we cannot fear rejection. When you feel confident and know that no matter what you did everything you could do, you will succeed more often than you will fail. When you believe in yourself and the mission that you are working towards your fear of rejection will start to disappear.

No matter the situation, it is important that you know how to communicate properly. The proper communication skills will ensure the success of not only the company you are working for but you as well. To learn how Custom Staffing can elevate your career, contact us at 419-221-3097 or apply online.