What is Temporary Work?

The temporary job opportunity is set up to help you find a brief, project based job. This position allows for a quick hire that you can gain useful work experience from without the long-term commitment to an employer. The temporary job option can also assist you in finding a good career fit.

Examples of temporary work:

  • Two week assignment to fulfill an assembly project with a manufacturer
  • Six month assignment to assist with new product lines being added
  • Packaging-based work
  • Outdoor seasonal work – landscaping, mowing, snow removal
  • Tax season jobs

What are the benefits:

  • Candidates gain access to a number of companies looking to fill project based jobs
  • Candidates get the opportunity to learn and improve on a variety of job skills
  • Allows flexibility to take jobs that work with your personal schedule
  • Client companies are able to fill brief, project based jobs very quickly
  • There are companies that only hire from a temporary work force. This is a valuable way to gain employment with these companies.