skills employers are looking for in 2017

The skills employers are looking for in 2017

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Do you know what employers are looking for when hiring new team members in 2017? Skills. What are you able to bring to the table? We know that not everyone has a college education and that is not always needed, but what is always needed is a skill set. Skills are gained and sharpened over time, so don’t be down on yourself if you aren’t a pro at everything. Most skills can be learned with practice and experience! If you want to be great, it’s all up to you. Read more »

valuable employee

Are you valuable to your employer?

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Have you ever wondered whether or not your employer values you and your skill set? Do you feel dispensable? Are you continuing to grow in your job or are you feeling stagnant? If you are feeling underappreciated and undervalued at your place of employment there are some steps you can take to make sure that you and your work are being noticed. Read more »

what do do when you don't get the job

What to do when you don’t get the job

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You didn’t get the job you applied for? It’s okay. Rejection is rough for anyone to take, but you will survive. You could have just not connected with the interviewer or maybe you didn’t have enough experience to take on the new position. No worries, because there are other jobs and other opportunities to move up in the future. Read more »

Are you thinking about quitting

Are You Thinking about Quitting

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Is there ever really a good time to say goodbye? We all know how hard it is to walk up to your supervisor and let them know that you are putting in your two-week notice. More times than not your boss will be upset to see you leave, but take that as a compliment. Would you want your place of employment to throw a party because you are finally walking out of the company doors for the last time? Probably not. Read more »

How to be happier at work

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You have control over your own happiness in and outside of work. Everything that you do or don’t do builds or tears down your foundation. More than not, your happiness at work depends on your happiness outside. What are you doing to make sure you are bringing your best self to work? Read more »

Why temp-to-hire is a win-win for everyone

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We know that it may be difficult to find a position or employee that is right for you. Whether you are looking for a job or are a company looking for employees, we know how difficult the job or employee hunt may be. With over three million people being employed by staffing companies every week, choosing a staffing company to help with your needs is the easiest way to get the job done. Read more »

4 tips to successfully look for a job

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Need a job? Looking for that perfect fit can be a frustrating experience. Unless you have years of experience and are in career that is in high demand, the job search may take a little longer than you would like. If you are proactive in your job search, the odds may be in your favor and result in you finding the right fit for you. Read more »