Why temp-to-hire is a win-win for everyone

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We know that it may be difficult to find a position or employee that is right for you. Whether you are looking for a job or are a company looking for employees, we know how difficult the job or employee hunt may be. With over three million people being employed by staffing companies every week,… Read more »

4 tips to successfully look for a job

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Need a job? Looking for that perfect fit can be a frustrating experience. Unless you have years of experience and are in career that is in high demand, the job search may take a little longer than you would like. If you are proactive in your job search, the odds may be in your favor… Read more »

The Best and Worst Words to Put On Your Resume

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You have limited space to sell yourself, so which words are you using to land the job? Your resume is typically the recruiter’s first impression of you, so yes, it’s crucial to make it perfect. Your word choice has a significant role in whether you get a call back for an interview.  

Do you know the Benefits of Temporary Work?

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Do you enjoy a flexible schedule and a varied work environment? If so, you may want to consider a temporary job opportunity. The temporary job opportunity is to help you find a brief, project-based job. This position allows for a quick hire to gain useful work experience without the long-term commitment to an employer. The… Read more »

Why Employee Recognition Matters

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Does your business take part in employee appreciation? It’s human nature for people to crave recognition from their peers, yet so many bosses get caught up in the success of their business, they forget to recognize the hard work put in by their employees. People love when their hard work gets noticed, but when it… Read more »

How Do I Stay Safe At Work?

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Workplace safety is one important subject that should be communicated and exercised daily. It’s not enough to simply have the policies and guidelines set; employees must also adhere to the safety standards. Before you can communicate and exercise the proper safety procedures, you must be able to identify any unsafe procedures and find opportunities for… Read more »

Summer Safety Tips for Manufacturing

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With the summer months here, the summer heat follows. Heat raises health risks in all people, but especially when working. Making sure employees stay safe and healthy is something that needs to be of top priority, and often times this means extra precautions need to be added to the every day schedule.